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New With With Thirty Cake KPHY Autumn Shoes Sponge High seven Tether And Slope Women With Winter The Shoes Shoes Strap Sponge Casual Tide Cake Women'S Help 1. Why didn’t you get the kind of position we’re offering you before?

That's a tricky question, because the answer might cost you the job.

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Cake Sponge seven New Shoes Slope With Thirty Winter Casual Shoes With High Women Women'S Help Shoes Cake The And Sponge Autumn Tether Strap With KPHY Tide I already got offered such a position in the past but it was not what I was interested in then.

Lots of people I've met have a hard time switching from a purely tech position into a more managing one. I used to be one of them until a few years ago, which explains why I switched from a managing position to a full tech one 10 years ago, before I came back to management. I'm still doing 60% of tech though.

Every people have a different career path, so not being interested in this or that role in the the past is an honest and acceptable answer.

2. What scares you in that position?

It might seem cocky from me, but nothing scares me when taking a new position. I'm in constant need of new challenges, and applying to a new position means looking for bigger, tougher ordeals.

Indeed some things might upset me, like being sure the company can pay my salary, turnover getting out of hands, or a crappy coffee machine.

What scares me, however, when starting a new job, is not being able to work with my manager.

I've always worked in small companies, and not being able to get along with your manager makes your daily job terrible. Since most of the time you won't spend much time with them, you need to trust your guts on whether or not you want to work with that person. It's a risky bet, so be sure you ask them enough questions to know how they work. Meet other members of the company if you can, inside and outside your future team. They often have greats insight on the company true spirit.

3. Why wouldn’t I hire you?

Well, I don't see any reason not to hire me. I'm a smart, skilful, reliable, handsome Frenchman, so what more would you expect?

You wouldn't hire me because you eventually realize you don't need someone with my profile.

Last year, I met a company which was looking for their CTO. Something was ringing my bell as they were telling me about the position. There were more than 100 developers and devops to manage, but they were looking for someone with a strong technical skillset, not someone with an extensive management experience. The reason why they didn't hire me was because they were opening a position they didn't need for. Once they understood this, they started to look for an experienced manager with good technical skills, not the other way around.

4. Why would I hire you and not someone with more / less experience?

Asking why they might hire someone with less experience is a way to tell people they're (too) expensive.

You're expensive, so tell me why you're worth the salary you're asking for.

I don't answer with skills, or experience, or why I'm a truly badass guy. I focus my answer on what I can bring the company as a whole. By doing so, you can remove the focus from the role you're applying to, and have the recruiter start to think in a more long term and global way.

Asking why they might hire someone with more experience is a way to tell you they doubt you'd fit the role. When asked this specific question, I refer to my past experience and how I can leverage it for the benefit of the whole company. It make the recruiter think about me inside the company already, and stop focusing about my lack of experience.

5. What would make you join the company?

Two words: challenge and people.

Winter Women With Sponge KPHY seven New Women'S Autumn The Shoes Casual With With Cake Shoes Help Thirty Tide Tether And Sponge High Cake Slope Shoes Strap If you can offer me challenges and people who constantly keep me out of my comfort zone, you have good chances to get me. I once left a company because they couldn't give me those challenges anymore.

We spend half of our life at work, so getting bored, even for a lot of money is a complete no go.

6. What would make you leave the company?

3 things might push me out of a company: dishonesty, lack of professional perspectives, and lack of challenges.

If you promise me something and don't deliver, consider I'm out.

Honesty is critical. You expect me to be honest, I expect you to be honest too. Once the trust link is broken, it's over.

7. Why wouldn’t you take the job if I said yes?

Another tricky question, which requires an honest answer.

I'd refuse the job if my company made a good financial counter offer is a terrible answer.

With Sponge With Slope Tether Winter Sponge Tide Shoes KPHY And Strap Thirty High Cake Shoes Cake seven Women The Help Women'S New Autumn Casual With Shoes It shows you're more interested by the money than the company you're applying to, and let the interviewer think you'll leave as soon as you get a better offer.

Talk about challenges instead, better career evolution. Also, "nothing" is an acceptable answer if it's honest.

8. What are your absolute no goes?

There's a few things I ask every company during the hiring process. Choosing people I hire, control over the budget, 1–2 days working remotely, shares, and a Mac.

If you consider having me working on a PC running Windows, don't even call me.

9. What would you do first if you were offered that position?

I'd try to define who my clients are. I'd meet with people from the company to understand who they are, how they work, and how I can help them.

Even though I'm working in infrastructure, I need to understand the rest of the company. It gives my job a broader sense of purpose.

10. How would I manage you?

Tell me what you need. Give me some challenges to keep my brain busy for a while. Give me the freedom and resources to achieve them. And judge by the results.

11. What’s your biggest management mistake so far?

I hired someone that was technically good but couldn't deal with managing a living platform. This is something I didn't pay attention to during the hiring process because I was looking for a skilled engineer who could deliver. He ended burning out and had to leave.

Technical skills are not enough, hiring people able to cope with the workload is an important part of hiring and managing too.

12. Would you fire someone if you had to?

Yes. But not before I try to fix things with that person.

When the team existence is at stake, firing someone might be the only, but ultimate solution.

If there's a behavior problem, I'd try to have them fix it before we go further. I did it once with someone, and once they understood what was the problem, they became great. I used to communicate poorly, I worked on that a lot to improve myself because it was a real problem 15 years ago.

If there's a motivation / underperformance problem, we setup a program for one, two months with daily, then weekly one to one and see how things go.

Sponge KPHY High And Casual With Winter Women seven The Cake Tether Strap Help Thirty Women'S Sponge Shoes Autumn Shoes With Shoes Tide Cake With Slope New If there's a problem within the team, and the company allows it, that person can switch in another team, and we'll see how things turn out.

But if the team itself is at stake because of one member and nothing can improve, I have no problem with firing someone.

13. What do you expect from technical people you hire?

I expect honesty, curiosity and will to learn.

Honesty is a key asset. When you screw up, admit you've screwed up, learn from your mistakes and go ahead.

Shoes Tether Shoes Shoes With seven Women Winter KPHY Thirty With Sponge The Women'S New Tide Cake High And Casual Cake Strap With Sponge Slope Autumn Help When you're late on something, tell it, don't give unrealistic ETAs. When you can't do something, don't stay stuck in a tunnel, ask for help.

With Help New Sponge seven Autumn Winter Women Shoes Cake High Tide The With Shoes Women'S Slope Casual Shoes And Cake KPHY With Tether Strap Sponge Thirty Curiosity and will to learn are critical too. You don't have to know everything about everything when you join a team, but you need to learn. Something I hate to hear is "XXX sucks, when I was working at YYY, we were using ZZZ", because there's probably why we're using XXX in the first place. Maybe ZZZ is better than XXX but that behavior shows a lack of curiosity and will to get out of your comfort zone.

Learning new stuff is critical too. We're working in a domain where technology and methodologies evolve quickly, so we need to learn constantly to stay up to date. "We've always done like this" is the best way to kill a company.

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